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Booking terms

We have gathered everything you need to know about bus booking on one page.

About us

Interbus is located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.
With 35 modern Interbus tourist buses of all sizes and designs, we can carry out your transportation needs to all wishes.

Our clients include congress organizers, cruise agents, tour operators, companies, travel agencies, government agencies, municipalities, schools and private individuals.

We also arrange such as catering, authorized guides, lunches/dinners as well as ferry tickets and more.

We have a great network of subcontractors nationally so welcome to book your bus all over Sweden when you need to travel elsewhere than our capitals!

Our coachfleet

Our fleet consists of full tourist buses of recent year models and new ones.

From 16 seats to 75 seats.

Some models are conference-equipped, i.e. there are tables for group seating and some technical equipment to be able to display powerpoints and stream videos and sound.

As far as safety is concerned, all vehicles are equipped with safety belts in all places and alcolock for the drivers.

As standard, we have free Wi-Fi on board and 220-volt charging sockets / USB outlets.

Staff education and skills

All employees have a valid driving license.

All bus drivers have a Professional Certificate according to the Council Regulation: EEG 3820/85 Art.5.2b, which means that the driver meets the requirements for driving the vehicle more than 50km outside the home garage.

Collective labour agreement CLA

Our driver staff are organized mainly in the Swedish Trade Union Kommunalarbetarförbundet.

Work outsourcing takes place in accordance with EU regulations concerning Drivers working hours.

Interbus applies a strict alcohol and drug policy.


Flexibility is our specialty.

To redirect buses with short notice is very common and we are very used to this.

As previously described, we are often contacted when flights cancel or train has disturbances.

Redirecting buses because of time changes or traffic problems is “everyday work” for us.

Our organization in Stockholm consists of management, administrative department, sales department and traffic management.

In addition we have our own workshop and bus wash.