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Company Policies

Policy of quality QMS ISO 9001:2015

Interbus policy of quality is integrated into Interbus’s daily work and meets the requirements of ISO 9001

The policy applies to all tasks from the first customer contact until the service is executed and invoiced to the customer.

Our quality work must in a natural way engage all employees and subcontractors. The operating system should be a daily tool for steering and managing the company in the right way to improvement work and in order to fulfill the customers and authorities’ requirements

Environment policy EMS ISO 14001:2015

Interbus environmental policy is integrated into Interbus’s daily work and meets the requirements of ISO 14001

We have as an overall environmental goal to conduct and develop passenger transport with the least possible environmental impact.

All driving employees must undergo a basic environmental education. The education should clarify our crucial environmental aspects.
We shall work with continuous improvements to exceed the requirements laid down by laws and regulations.
Our vehicles should not be older than 10 years and all vehicles should be driven on HVO – synthetic fossil-free fuel.

Our goal is to be the step ahead of the authorities’ requirements and legislation in the environmental field. 

Working environment policy

Interbus work environment policy is integrated into Interbus’s corporate policy and meets the requirements of ISO 9001

We have an ambition that our workplace should be attractive.
Our clients should perceive us as professional and that we deliver high quality services.

The reason for this success is that we have satisfied employees.
A basic requirement for achieving a good working environment is that we follow common sense, laws and regulations.
Above all, it is important that the work environment perspective becomes a natural part of our business so that, to the extent possible, we can prevent accidents or ill-health from occurring within our operations.

Our work environment policy covers all employees in the company and consulting staff.

To create a good workplace, it is important to:

  • Contractual wages are paid and that the working time legislation is complied with.
  • Suitable premises with good staff facilities are provided.
  • Buses and other equipment must be in good condition.
  • Statutory protective equipment must be available in each bus.
  • Each employee must have a comprehensive and adequate training for their duties, and must be included in our education program. 

Traffic safety policy

Interbus traffic safety policy is integrated into Interbus daily work and meets the requirements of ISO 9001

Safety is fundamental to the business and the security level must therefore be high.
This is expected and required by the company’s stakeholders such as clients, employees, traffic principals, owners and the general public.
The security policy lays the foundation for us to safeguard ourselves and others against harm and loss.
The security work increases the security of our professional practice and covers all staff in service during the time they perform assignments within the company.

The guidelines must also be applied in the case of tenders and subcontractors of transport in the business.

We shall furthermore be examples of traffic and contribute to achieving urgent road safety objectives.

This means, among other things, that employees and management within the company:

  • Always use the seat belts
  • Keeping distance to vehicles in front of the coach
  • Respect and follow speed regulations
  • Respect Drivers working hours rules – see special instructions for tachographs & driving / rest periods
  • Takes into account road conditions and traffic situation
  • Adapt driving style and braking so that passengers travel safely and safely
  • Are alcohol and drug free, including strong medications and avoid driving when we are tired
  • All buses are equipped with alcolock
  • Checks and keeps the vehicles in traffic-safe condition
  • Always follows applicable laws and regulations
  • Follows agreed security procedures in both everyday and development work actively working for a Vision Zero

Drug Policy

Interbus’s drug policy is integrated into Interbus corporate work and meets the requirements of ISO 9001

The policy and the action plan are part of the systematic work environment work carried out within the company.

Abuse of alcohol and other drugs is not compatible with our business.

Zero tolerance applies to all staff.