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Welcome to Interbus – Coach Hire!

We can provide you with full coach service throughout Sweden and also for international tours.

Own base is in Stockholm and we have coaches in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Vi kan hjelpe med bryllupstransfers, coachoverførsler eller eventuelle kind eller firma events.

Our office in Stockholm will gladly find a perfect transportation solution for you and your company’s needs.

We run fossil-free!

Our fleet runs fossil free!

All our vehicles run on HVO – Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, which reduces the CO impact with up to 90%!

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Join Interbus in the summer’s most exciting adventure!

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Hire your modern coach with well-educated drivers in the whole of Sweden.

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Interbus AB, Stockholm Sweden
Phone: 08-7279000, E-mail:

Opening hours
Traffic Control / Office / booking
09.00-17.00 monday-friday

Reach us on emergency phone 0701 – 87 15 00